Off The Peg LT17

Off The Peg – RLH 49 /MXX 49 AEC Regent III enters the Clapton Pond terminus on
route 178. London Transport purchased 76 of the RLH class in 1950-52. The RLH was essentially provincial in design, with a body built by Weymann of Addlestone, Surrey, on the standard AEC Regent III chassis. Like its predecessors, the 13’6" height was achieved by setting the upstairs gangway to the side and lowering it over the heads of the offside passengers downstairs. The buses were used both in the Country and Central
Areas, and occasionally green buses were borrowed by the Central Area to cover for buses being overhauled.
Only four Central Area garages ran the RLH, including Dalston’s route 178 which saw the last operation of the
RLH by London Transport, on 16 April 1971.

Specially commissioned by H.A.C. Turner

Limited edition (35 copies), mounted prints available in A3 size only.

All priced at £65 plus postage and packing of £13.50