The Tynemouth Titan – NR14

The Tynemouth Titan, pictured in Tynemouth in the 1960s is a Newcastle Corporation MCCW bodied Leyland Titan PD2/20 one of three delivered in 1954. These were mostly used to serve route No. 11 on a jointly operated service with Tynemouth along the New Coast Road to Newcastle Haymarket. This particular bus 351 was featured at the Earls Court Motor Show to demonstrate the new lightweight Orion style body. The lack of side ventilation windows to save the weight of the overall vehicle meant they were not popular with passengers on winter days, when it was too cold to leave the front vents open and very little fresh air would enter the top deck. – Illustration by Ray Jackson © 2017.

Limited edition (45 copies), mounted prints available in A3 size only.

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